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The first step to studying in Germany is finding a study program that suites you. 

There are several higher education institutions that you can choose from. So which one is right for your Universität or Fachhochschule? Find out on “Let’s compare”

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Let's compare

Universität vs Hoschule

1. Universities (Universität)
If you want a highly theoretical, research and science oriented program, the universität is the best place for you. If you study at the university you will focus a lot on academia rather than practical or applied work. 
Universities can award doctorates and offer doctoral(PhD) programs. Fachhochschule cannot, not unless they have a special arrangement with a partner university. So if you want to study and eventually obtain a doctorate, a university is the best choice for you. For this reason, some may consider universities more prestigious than Fachhoschule.
But this depends on what’s important for you. 
2. Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhoschule)
As the name suggests, Fachhoschule focus on applied and practical work in addition to theory. They are not research oriented and at the time of publishing this article, they cannot issue doctoral degrees, at least not without an arrangement with a partner university.
If you want a more hands on, practical and application oriented curriculum, the Fachhoschule should be the best choice for you.

State vs Private Universities

1. State/Public Universities

Public institutions are the most popular and are the most widespread. They are state funded, very well established and have a long and rich education history.

The biggest plus is that most of them do not charge tuition fees even for international students. The exception is some states such as Baden Württemberg which re-introduced tuition fees, so make sure to confirm depending on where your school is located. You will however have to pay a semester contribution that doesn’t exceed 500 euros/year.
On the other hand, expect a very packed class with lots of students

2. Private Universities
Private institutions are few and offer a limited variety of courses. 
They charge tuition fees but on the plus side, have a very excellent learners experience with small class sizes so you can interact with and know your professors personally. 

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