What is a German Blocked Account?

What is a German Blocked Account?

The German blocked account is a bank account created to secure a fixed deposit of the living allowance for a student for a specified study period, usually a year. This sum of money is then paid back to the student every month in equal installments until the deposit runs out. This is to make sure you are well financed for your studies and live a comfortable life. The funds can only be accessed once you get to Germany.

How is the German Blocked Account different from a regular account?

The blocked account is different from an ordinary bank account because you cannot freely access and withdraw money from it. To receive the monthly payment, you have to open a regular debit account. The monthly sum is then paid into your ordinary debit account allowing you to access it whenever you wish via an ATM card or mobile banking.

Why do you need a German Blocked Account?

To study in Germany, you need to show that you have enough money to fund your studies. One way of doing so is by opening a blocked account and depositing your allowance there. This will help you get a visa or a residence permit to study in Germany. There are other ways too to prove sufficient financial ability, you can see them here.

How can you open a German Blocked Account?

– The first step is to choose your preferred blocked account provider. We have a comparison of 3 popular blocked accounts below.

Then apply online and submit all the required documentsYou will then receive a preliminary confirmation that your blocked account is open.

– To complete your application you will need to pay the full deposit amount to your provider through a bank transfer or any other accepted payment method.

Once they receive your money, they will send you a blocked confirmation letter which you can use to apply for your visa or residence permit.
Check our comparison to see your choices for blocked account providers.

*Please note that this process does not apply for Deutsche Bank blocked accounts

Let's compare

Here is a breakdown of the costs and services of  the 3 most common blocked account providers for students. Depending on your preferences, we trust you will find the perfect match for you.
For a more detailed analysis of Expatrio and Fintiba providers services, click here to jump to the section.

Blocked Account Comparison


Approx. Total cost

*includes refundable 100€ buffer fee


Approx. Total cost

*Based on Fintiba Basic Plan


Approx. Total cost

*Other fees may be incurred

* Amount may vary depending on conditions. Values quoted here are not binding but based on estimated projections from data at the time of publishing of this page.