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Study in Germany

Looking to study in Germany?


Step-by-step Guide to
Studying in Germany

Step 1


Find a study program in Germany

Learn how to find suitable bachelor, masters or PhD programs and offers

Step 2


Requirements to study in Germany

Find out which documents are necessary to apply to study in Germany

Step 3


Sending your application - Germany

How to send your application correctly for your studies in Germany

Step 4

German Blocked Account

Set up your finances to study in Germany

Learn how to set up your finances including a German Blocked Account

Step 5

Health Insurance in Germany for Students

Student Health Insurance​ in Germany

How to select the right insurance to cover your health insurance in Germany

Step 6

Study in Germany 1

Germany Student Visa Application

Important tips on making a successful student visa application for Germany

almost there...

Step 7

Study in Germany 2

Find student housing in Germany

Get tips on finding student accommodation in Germany

Step 8


Prepare to travel to study in Germany

Tiips on preparing yourself to travel to Germany to begin your studies.

Step 9


What to do after you arrive in Germany​

Important things to do upon arriving in Germany for your studies

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